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imageComputer Forensics
Have you seen suspicious activity on your computer? Do you think your employees or spouse might be using the computer inappropriately?
Then you need computer forensics! Computer forensics is the scientific process of capturing and analyzing information stored electronically, for the purpose of investigating to find the truth.

imageiPhone Forensics
We can discover data off of any iPhone, deleted or not. 
Much like computer forensics, we can use our specialized tools to extract items from the device, and then create an organized report, including a detailed chronological log of activity and locations.

Discover the Truth
Computer forensics can be the key to learning the truth, taking appropriate action based on facts, or winning a case.

We can discover the following:
·Internet History
·Online Chats
·Text/Picture Messages
·Call Logs
·and more...

Computer Forensic Investigations
Each computer forensic investigation begins with a free confidential consultation with a licensed private investigator. From there, a plan will be made to best obtain the data for a forensic examination. During the investigation, the customer will get updates to ensure the investigation is going in the right direction. Once the investigation is complete, a detailed report will be provided, which lists all the findings in a clear and easy to read format.

Certified Forensic Investigators
Every computer forensic investigation is handled by a certified computer forensic investigator in San Antonio, Texas.  We have the skills, tools, and experience you need to get the information you are looking for. We provide computer forensics in San Antonio and surrounding areas, including Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth and Houston.

CHFI and ACE certified computer forensic investigators are on staff to answer your questions.

Call now for a free consultation with a forensic investigator. All calls are kept confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions
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